MEROS - Media Enterprise Revenue Optimization System

which may leads to 4% - 8% incremental revenue gain for broadcasters

MEROS (Media Enterprise Revenue Optimization System) focuses onthe following areas

  • Scheduling of commercials
  • Creation of proposals
  • Planning of ad inventory
  • Scheduling of promos


The solution guarantees phenomenal benefits to broadcasters

  • Maximizes revenue
  • Suggests profitable deals in real time
  • Ensures servicing of deals
  • Saves premium inventory for selling at higher price
  • Right pricing through visibility of inventory
  • Saves time and cost
  • Reduces people risk


Proposal Builder customizes rates and inventory commitment to satisfy advertiser/agency requirements.
  • Ensures that deals are profitable
  • Structures deals in real time
  • Hand-held devices friendly
  • Has available inventory checks. Ensures deals can be serviced.
  • Streamlines and automates the sales process
  • Has a built-in approval workflow
  • Centralizes and maintains the history of deal signing process
The Ad-spot Optimizer generates in real time (typically a few minutes) the daily spot allocation plan which determines the programs in which each spot will be aired.

An optional sub-module schedules spots within breaks for each program.

  • Maximizes ad revenue
  • Automates the ad scheduling process
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory caps
  • Allows inventory reservation for campaigns
  • Ensures that deal conditions are satisfied while allocating ads
  • Avoids brand conflicts and handles other restrictions
Derives insights for sales strategy planning from data.
  • Clear visual presentation of current and historical data
  • Full visibility of inventory, consumption and availability
  • Insights for right pricing of inventory
  • Functionality for setting markups, discounts and inventory reservation
Promo Planner improves management of promotional campaigns.
  • Targets the right audience with least wastage of available promo time
  • Automates promo allocation process
  • Provides pre and post evaluation of campaigns
  • Handles creatives types like showing tomorrow, today, now etc
The Ratings Forecaster analyzes historical ratings to provide meaningful insights and forecasts future ratings.
  • Provides insights useful for maintaining and enhancing program ratings
  • Suggests appropriate slots while rescheduling programs, planning new launches, high points and movies