Credit Scoring

Automatic assessment of credit risk through advanced statistical methods
  • Credit Scoring

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What is Credit Scoring?

Credit Scoring evaluates the potential risk posed by the customer and in turn identifies the consumers that are likely to default or bring most revenue


  • A tool which allows the client to carry out its own credit risk modelling
  • Intuitive interface, does not require any coding
  • Users can control the extent to which modelling flow is automated
  • Designed to accommodate both risk analysts with domain knowledge and data scientists with statistical expertise.
  • Selection of variables for model building can either be fully automated or guided by domain knowledge and statistical expertise
  • Logistic regression used for model building
  • Can be easily integrated with bank's systems to ensure seamless data flow and data security
  • Can be integrated with loan originations systems to support real time decision making
  • Either on-premise or cloud deployment possible
  • Uses methodology accepted widely by regulators worldwide
  • Consultancy and modelling provided by Smart as optional add-ons