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Smart Consulting Solutions Pte. Ltd., a niche analytics company headquartered in Singapore, has been providing business solutions and corporate training for over 10 years. We possess over 100 years of collective experience in using analytics in a wide variety of domains including Media, Finance, Marketing, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation and Education. We provide training in the areas of include Pricing, Revenue Management and Data Analytics for practitioners and C Level Executives.


  • Revenue Management (RM) can be applied in industries with perishable inventory. These include aviation, car rental, hotels, media, cargo, casino, cruise and many others. Application of RM techniques typically leads to 2-8% incremental revenue, most of which goes to the bottom line, leading to 50-100% increase in profits and huge ROI. The RM training that we offer is customized to meet the requirement of specific industries and covers both the underlying principles and issues which practitioners face.
  • Smart’s pricing strategy training helps companies to increase its revenue and profit through customer focused pricing and value positioning by using advanced analytics. Our program addresses real challenges and provides a personal learning experience. At the end our training the participants are expected to understand the main principles and techniques of pricing and be in a position to initiate or improve pricing practices within their organization
  • This course is for practitioners – with and without formal training in data science – who wish to apply data analytics technologies to build analytical models. The course would cover a wide range of applications and techniques including customer segmentation, text mining, forecasting, clustering and credit scoring. Participants would also be introduced to R - the language used most widely for data mining and big data technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and Spark.
  • This course is for C level executives who wish to harness the power of data analytics in their organization. Complex concepts of predictive, prescriptive and big data analytics are explained in a straightforward way, with the help of appropriate case studies. The course provides to roadmap that organizations can use to climb the Analytics Capability Maturity Pyramid to cut cost and improve revenue, profit and productivity