Selected Work

Predictive Analytics

Child Support Case Management System (CSCMS): Predict collection category of a case based on case attributes such as previous months payment, Non Custodian Parent (NCP) employment status, NCP insurance status etc. These predictions would alert the CSCMS team about possible improvement or worsening of a case so that they can take appropriate action.

Revenue Management

1. Develop broadcasting revenue management suite
2. Forecast Demand and set fares for full service and budget carriers


1. Developed a scoring model to identify consignments likely to be returned, in case of Cash on Delivery (CoD) payments for one of the leading logistics solutions providers in India.
2. Develop software for planning the movement of empty containers for a shipping company in Indonesia
3. Plan the inventory, storage and transport of ammunition for the defence ministry of South East Asian country.


Scoring Customer Quality Experience (QoE): Develop a score of QoE in real time based on factors such as such as number of stalls, frame drops, ghost sessions, and play delay. These socres would halo the service provider in taking necessary corrective actions.

Media Analytics

1. Maximize revenue for online advertisers.
2. Develop media planning software for media planners.
3. Forecast ratings and inventory demand for programs for a leading broadcaster in India

Marketing Analytics

1. Design marketing strategies to gain insight into the behavior of debit card users of one of the UK banks leading to increase in card usage.
2. Market-mix modeling for a skin care product for one of the agencies in Singapore to determine ROI & enhance sales


1. Forecast over 60 chemical prices for a large multinational
2. Forecast demand for several SKUs for a larger FMCG company

Financial Services

1. Anti-Attrition and Recovery: Increase collector efficiency by analyzing collector performance across collector and debt attributes
2. Credit Scoring: Determine the probability of default for each customer of a major US bank.
3. price Elasticity Modeling: Build price elasticity models for one of the largest banks in UK
4. Customized Pricing of Car Loans: Develop models to depict price sensitivity of car loan approvals and bookings of car loans for one of the leading loan providers in the US